March 2017

<<I've been swamped co-writing / co-producing an album for an A-list R&B star, but I'm not supposed to talk about it...... DRATS! (It's sounding AMAZING btw.)>>

Dang kids, "I Thought You Needed My Love (feat. Odd Year)" was officially the best charting original Memoryy track on HypeMachine - rocketing to (and staying at) #8 & quickly racking up 50k plays in a matter of a few days. Massive thanks to all those who supported it! 

I was busy last month scoring my 2nd horror short from director Ryan Wick - "Chatter" coming later this year. The last one was critically acclaimed & this one is even better. I was honored to provide a Stranger Things-meets-Halloween score for this creeper.

February was also the month we completed renovations & officially moved into my brand new KAF home. Finally have the space to spread out all the gear that's been hiding in storage forever. Hey look, there's the Kaoss Pad I thought I lost 5 years ago! 

Unlike my fav 90's R&B star I'm still pinching myself I'm actually producing - HEY here's something I can talk about! Remember that insane music video that premiered on NYLON? That was all my buds at Psychic Bunny. So when they asked me to score their brilliant nonsense new short, I had to comply! check this out - and just keep "The Terminator" in the back of your mind as a reference. (LOVED to get to write my version of The Terminator Love theme, as well as some epic action themes.)

Well for all my Chelsea Handler fans, there was an original demo that was NEARLY the theme song (before I wrote the real deal Evander Holyfield). I reworked the demo (with my buddy Brain Tan) into a recent Memoryy single that quickly charted on HypeMachine. And if you've been clued in since my old school days as Kitten Berry Crunch, than this is the kinda George Michael & Prince cheese you know I love!


January 2017

Can't believe 2017 is already upon us & I've been busier than ever...

In addition to just wrapping up the Memoryy full length album (dropping in March), I've been composing a few Whistle Sports videos - including this Panini Dunk Contest that's already garnered almost 500k views in only 5 days!

I also scored this 3 minute new Pfizer ad that hit over 550k views in 3 weeks. This song builds from Trap to Dance Pop to Chill Electronica & I'm in love with that last song! 

Here's a short 15-second song I wrote for the New Mexico Lottery:

Also won a huge remix contest that I'll be announcing shortly & beginning new collaborations for 2017. Hit me up if you wanna jump on the KAF train this year!

Keep your eyes & ears peeled for the 1st new Memoryy single dropping 1.30.2017-

November 2016

So pumped I had an interview up on the HuffingtonPost!



Been busy here juggling a ton of remixes - like this new one making moves on HypeMachine & this one included on my legit favorite band Body Language's new album Mythos (out now on Om Records.) Also swamped with writing the TV / Film stuff (including scoring THIS crazy new short from Psychic Bunny.)

Screenwriter Stephen Neely wrote the theme song to his incredible award-winning VerticalVille script & asked me to flush it out. So I took his iPhone videos of him tinkering on the piano & produced / arranged the song into this:

Lastly, I wrote a few emotive songs while in my Post-election funk last week. (And I know I'm not alone.) I've very proud of these 2 in particular that are worth a spin: