June 2017

All kinds of news -

the new Memoryy album "SKELETONS" finally dropped in April - the same month my new baby boy Hudson Grey came into the world!

SKELETONS had an Indie front page feature on iTunes & just won Best Pop Album at the NMMA.

The new single "Not Over You" was in the Top 5 on HypeMachine & blogged everywhere, including being the "Song of the month" on MP3hugger.


In Film/TV Music news, I composed music for Hoops House - a Gatorade / Whistle Sports web series following Pure Sweat Basketball training camp for NBA draft players, 4 episodes in total.

Episode 1:

Episode 2 (My fav track of the bunch is the last one here):

Also I'm really proud of a song I wrote for a forthcoming introductory video for Bolt Thread's revolutionary lab-created-spider silk clothing. Coming soon.

Last but not least, it was truly a pleasure to be a Music Coordinator at Albuquerque Film & Music Experience this year, where I got to meet both T-Bone Burnett & Jeff Bridges. (So did Baby Hudson!) It is a fabulous event run by some truly awesome people. 

Until next time... -SH