The Second

My lack of updates is no indicator of lack of work. I've been swamped since the first post, and desperately need to update all the recent music I've been composing. (Soon I promise!)

A brief rundown:

-Producing a few songs for the Brooklyn indie band nRCS

-Composing a "hip hop meets brass band" song for a 3 minute video for a cellphone app

-Scored a pivotal rave scene for independent short film Burn To Send, airing on NYC's Thirteen PBS station

-Curated a summertime Spotify playlist for Revlon / L'oreal

-Recorded audio for a documentary in the works on David Byrne's Contemporary Color concerts & color guard performances (featuring amazing collaborations between the best color guard teams in North America with artists like David Byrne, St Vincent, Ad-Roc from the Beastie Boys, Blood Orange, Tune-Yards, Nelly Furtado, etc)

OH YA, AND I'M WORKING ON THE NEW BATCH OF MEMORYY SONGS - the first single drops August. Keep your ears open for more on that!