Long overdue for an update, so here goes…

NEW REEL! Check it out - it combines everything that I talk about below. Hope you like it & share.

TV Music: I’ve been floored by how much of my music is getting on shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real World, the list goes on.

Film Score: It’s no secret that I spent most of 2018 beefing up my orchestral chops with a slew of scores for shorts. I’ve definitely unlocked some new epic orchestral skills / sounds that I’m loving incorporating in my electronic hybrid tracks as well, and the results are blowing my expectations away! (Check out last fall’s Epic Orchestral Reel for the early glimmer of that.)

My Music: Memoryy’s latest EP debuted at #62 on iTunes Dance Chart & just floored me. Thanks to everyone for checking that out. YES there’s new Memoryy coming in 2019… I will keep you posted!

March 2018


Seems like it's getting harder & harder to write the updates, but BUSY is good!

Since the last time: 

- I helped score an Amazon short doc (Prob my fav musical project of the year)

- Been composing custom music for a ton of TV projects, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real World & the list goes on.

- Nothing better than scoring an Eagles Hype Video ahead of their Super Bowl performance (racked up 300k plays in 3 days!)

-Latin America's biggest rapper Maluma dropped a short film which featured some custom songs

...and of course, more short films & other secret projects that currently need to stay under wrap.

Check out my latest reel if you haven't yet --

June 2017

All kinds of news -

the new Memoryy album "SKELETONS" finally dropped in April - the same month my new baby boy Hudson Grey came into the world!

SKELETONS had an Indie front page feature on iTunes & just won Best Pop Album at the NMMA.

The new single "Not Over You" was in the Top 5 on HypeMachine & blogged everywhere, including being the "Song of the month" on MP3hugger.


In Film/TV Music news, I composed music for Hoops House - a Gatorade / Whistle Sports web series following Pure Sweat Basketball training camp for NBA draft players, 4 episodes in total.

Episode 1:

Episode 2 (My fav track of the bunch is the last one here):

Also I'm really proud of a song I wrote for a forthcoming introductory video for Bolt Thread's revolutionary lab-created-spider silk clothing. Coming soon.

Last but not least, it was truly a pleasure to be a Music Coordinator at Albuquerque Film & Music Experience this year, where I got to meet both T-Bone Burnett & Jeff Bridges. (So did Baby Hudson!) It is a fabulous event run by some truly awesome people. 

Until next time... -SH