When I was six years old I got a keytar for Christmas...

It was firetruck red & the demo song was Wham's "Last Christmas." Unknowingly, I credited the musical wizards at Yamaha for writing the most beautiful song my young ears had ever heard. Years later I would hear the original George Michael version playing in a department store & instantly my world was shattered. Inadvertently this moment led to a discovery & profound love for 80's synth pop music. At some point my synthesizer collection grew & grew, my indie rock bands gave way to synth pop bands, and - coming full circle - I commemorated that very first keyboard with the keytar tattoo on my arm.

I studied classical piano for 13 years but I've written & recorded music all my life - like the critically acclaimed textural electro pop I currently release as Memoryy & the Netflix Chelsea Handler theme, some indie rock before that, or the years of classical & blues songwriting that never quite fit any of those projects. As the number of commercial music projects seemed to outpace everything else, all those different genres I love writing in found a home when I formed Keytarred And Feathered in 2014.

I quickly fell in love with the collaboration process that unlocks the perfect soundtrack for a video.  


In the past year I've written more than 200 songs, scored and composed for short films, tv, commercials & web content. Clients include MTV, Revlon, L'oreal, Men's Journal, Pfizer & Whistle Sports. Regardless of the scope or budget, I'd love to hear from you & find a way to begin a new collaboration to help unlock the perfect soundtrack for your project. It's my life passion & it all began with that one red keytar. Thanks Santa!

   - Shaun Hettinger